Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not able to find the pay now button?


Please check the following

i) Is today's date greater than 25th of the month?
If yes, you will not see the Pay Now button. SeamLess payment using 'Pay Now' button is available only upto 25th of the month upto 11:59 p.m.

ii) Is it too early in the month?
You can see the pay now button only after your bill has been generated. This happens typically by the 10th of the month. It can be generated sooner or later as well, depending upon the particuilar case. You must wait upto at least 15th of the month, if you are not able to see the Pay Now button.

If none of the above are true. Please contact our call center team.

Q. My money has been deducted but Bill Sahuliyat is unaware about my payment. I do not see any reciepts?


In most cases your payment is made. However you are not seeing the reciept.

This is a common issue with online payments. You must not worry. Your money is safe. This can happen because of immature breaking of the payment session. Weak internet connection, false user action, or clogged network can cause this. Here the payment process terminates without reaching its end where it is supposed to update BillSahuilyat that the payment is successfully made.

You can get in touch with our call center to check the status of your payment and have your recipt generated in your bill sahuliyat account. Or you can just wait and the amount will be deducted from your outstanding.

If you are not able to find the amount deducted in your bill even in the next month. Get in touch with our call center.

Q. I have made a double payment?


It is possible that you end up making double/triple payments against one bill.

Please note that there is no provision of a refund as of now as clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions page.  Your extra payments however will be duly adjusted against your account.

If your payments are not adjusted in your account when you recieve the next bill. Contact our call center team immediately and ask for a manual adjustment.

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